500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Fees

The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is an excellent choice for beginners to develop their skills before moving onto more advanced ones but medium to advanced students may also join the course to deepen their practice.If you did not did 200 or 300 hour course also you can direct join our 500 hour yoga teacher training course.Or if you finished 200 hour then you can make our 300 Advanced course for receive your 500 hour certificate.

For 500 hour two month course donation price will be 155000 rs 

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India offered by Shiva Yoga Peeth. Certified by Yoga Alliance International.Course Dates– 

  • 4th of January 2021 to 28th of Feb 2021
  • 2nd of Feb 2021 to 28 th of March 2021
  • 3rd of March 2021 to 28th of April 2021
  • 2nd of April 2021 to 29 th of May 2021
  • 3rd of May 2021 to 29 th of June 2021
  • 3rd of June 2021 to 31th of July 2021
  • 5th of July 2021 to 28th of August 2021
  • 2nd of Aug 2021 to 2nd of Oct 2021
  • 6th of Sept 2021 to 3rd  of Nov 2021
  • 7th of Oct 2021 to 4th  of Dec 2021
  • 8th of Nov 2021 to 6th of January 2022
  • 10th of Dec 2021 to 5th of Feb 2022
  • 10th of January 2022 to 8th of Mar 2022
  • 10th of Feb 2022 to 7th of April 2022
  • 11th of March 2022 to 7th of May 2022

The 500 Hour  Residential Yoga Teacher Training Course Fees include:

  • A private room with attached bathroom and hot water
  • Wifi connection
  • Diet food 3 times daily
  • Tea 2 times daily
  • Cleansing process materials
  • Four course books
  • Two therapeutic Ayurveda treatment   
  • Airport Pickup free from Dehradun Airport
  • Two day sightseeing activity to a nearby location
  • Two day Jungle Safari 
  • Two Rudrakhya mala
  • Yoga Alliance International  Registered Certificate

Payment Options

You can deposit your confirmation fees 420 usd by our PayPal account or by Bank transfer.
Our PayPal account e-mail id is : shivayogapeeth123@gmail.com

Refund Policy
The Confirmation Fee is 300+15 USD PayPal charge for the 300 Hour Training program and 400+20 USD PayPal charge for the 500 Hour Training program. This is non-refundable but may be transferred to any other upcoming Yoga Teacher Training course with in one year.

If you cannot come to our TTC after paying the Confirmation Fee you can use it towards any future course or program. The Confirmation Fee is the part of the entire Course Fee.15 USD for 300hr course and 20 USD for 500 hr course we are charging for PayPal or western union fees.The rest of the Course Fee balance must be paid by card or bank transfer on the first day of the course