Our Charity Work – Divine Cow Shelter In Rishikesh India

Divine Cow Shelter - Gau Sadan

Welcome to the home of holy cows..

With the grace of almighty, help of locals, guidance of religious gurus  we also operate a Cow shelter / Gau Sadan in the name of “Divine Gau Sadan” few miles from Rishikesh. The cow shelter is a dream and initiative of our Yoga Guru Swami Sudhir – who is a visionary, having a vision of providing food, shelter and medicinal support to the cows and cattle that are deserted, hurt or have been in an accident.

Mission & Vision of Divine Cow Shelter

A home for Abandoned Cows

cow shelter by swami sudhir anand

Divine Cow shelter is a home for the abandoned and left away cows and other animals in the street. Here they live with dignity. In Hindu religion cows are equal to Maa (Mother) that’s why we call them Gau  Maa or Mother Cow.

Treating the wounded Cows

treatment of abandoned cows in rishikesh

Many old and wounded cows are left out in the streets when they are dry. They are left to forage in garbage heaps and most often end up eating plastic. We rescue such cows and provide them a dignified safe life.

Serving and feeding the Cows

cow shelter in rishikesh

Divine Cow Shelter is a place where the Cows and other animals are given the best care and fed with green grasses, fruits and medicines. We are helped with donations by people  who come here to help us serve the cows.

More About Divine Cow Shelter

We take care of abandoned, injured and rescued cows, bulls and calves by providing nutritious food, clean water, medical attention, and lifetime accommodation. Here all the cows are given proper shelter and food. We provide all the facilities that adhere to welfare of cows which includes proper feed.

Cows are known to be the most beloved companions of the Lord Krishna, our forefathers adopted protecting and serving cows as an integral part of our culture and tradition. Bringing back the tradition of cow protection is our mission. We rescue more cows from streets, slaughter houses, bring ailing cows that are abandoned and treat them and also keep them with us for rest of their life and serve them.

A glimpse of our Divine Cow Shelter

Your Donations are welcome

We do not ask for money, we ask for your support, that support can be in the form of supplies, food, medicines, donations and time. Your support will be appreciated by us, by the cows and by the almighty god himself.

We have always been fortunate to receive donations and support from our well-wishers but the need is ever-increasing. More and more injured cows are left stranded on the roads with no one to care for them. We want to help each one of them. Our dream is to give the best facilities to these injured animals and for that, we  need your support.

Donations made to the trust are eligible for exemptions u/s 80(G) of Income Tax Act 1961

Banking Details

182, Haridwar road, Ganga Vihar, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, INDIA – 249201

Ac No: 1070102000006804
IFSC : IBKL0001070
Beneficiary Name : Divine Yoga Life